Hyunsik Yoon Group
Organic Materials & Semiconductor Processing Lab.

Welcome! In Mother Nature, there are a lot of hidden hints for special functions in optical, wetting and adhesion properties. The physical properties are originated from their unique structures, for example, micro-, nanostructures, asymmetric structures, wrinkled or hierarchical structures. We are focusing on the bio-inspired structures and mimicking them for various useful applications.

First, our purpose is to design unique structures and materials. Then, the structures with the materials are processed by means of semiconductor processing, polymer processing or 3D printing. The product could be applied to display devices, energy devices, microfluidic devices, special films, biological platforms, etc.

Our lab members are trying to be the best experts on micro- and nanofabrication technologies such as photolithography, nanoimprint, soft lithograghy, printed electronics, stereo lithography. Also, we are dealing with polymers, oligomers and hybrid materials to be fabricated. From the fundamental study, we are developing creative inventions such as 3D display, holograms, super hydro- and oleophobic surfaces, soft hydrogels, responsive materials, plasmonic devices, solar cells, sensors, etc.

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